10 Best Mattresses In India.

10 Best Mattresses In India: Here are the mattresses which can help you get the best night’s sleep because selecting a mattress is not as easy as it seems… as sleep is the most important factor involved in keeping us healthy and fresh. It is the rest to the body after a monotonous routine. So, for a sound sleep, we need to choose a mattress that gives us a blissful heavenly sleep.

Here are 10 handpicked mattresses which will give you a sound sleep.

1.Sleepycat -Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Sleepy-cat mattress

A special blend of memory foam with cooling crystals is used, that regulates your body the temperature throughout the night and provides comforting back support that helps take the shape of your body for a relaxing sleep!

You get this mattress organized in a little box so you don’t have to get people to carry it up for you or pay anything extra for delivery

BREEZY INNER COVER – Its specialized netted inner cover helps to maintain the foam inside while providing unique airflow throughout your mattress.

ULTRA PREMIUM OUTER COVER – The ultra-premium cover is made of a high GSM knitted fabric for comfort and flexibility. The outer zipper cover is hand-crafted which makes it easily removable for spot cleaning.

CertiPUR-US certified foam and OEKO-TEX certified fabric. The best for your health!

That means it is made without mercury, lead, other heavy metals and even ozone depleters which are really a critical case with today’s generation. So keeping the ever-increasing gigantic problem of ozone layer depletion which needs to be looked upon as soon as possible, this CertiPur-US feature is added into this mattress.

The fabric used in the mattress is free of harmful chemicals and is safe for human use

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2.Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress Hard & Soft

Wake-fit mattress

This dual design of the mattress is a great contributor to a better sleep according to the environmental temperatures by offering the softer side which becomes convenient during hot weather and firmer side aids you sleeping in winters.

The upper part is made of cotton so holds the bedsheet tight, inner part is made of waterproof material to prevent water spills to reach inside the mattress for not letting you frequently put the mattress into wash cycles thereby saving you time and electricity bill. That’s what brings you to the next advantage of saving money by incurring less electricity bill amounts.

A waterproof cover included in the mattress can prevent the entering of toxic liquids and dead skin of hands while washing from entering the mattress. If you have a habit of sleeping cross-legged Wake-Fit solves even that, it would be the most natural position and ease you could have on this mattress.

One more thing, it removes this cross-legged sleeping habit from you as switching to this mattress will ensure that anyone no longer had to do that! So it becomes easy for you when you go out somewhere and you don’t have wake-fit there, as wake-fit already overcomes the cross-legged sleeping giving you a wonderful sleep even at outings.

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3.Kurl-On Dream Sleep 6-inch Queen Size Spring Mattress


 Kurl-on mattress

Now, Kurl on too comes with an amazing feature of inhibiting the presence of microbes, dust mites, and bed bugs which are a major problem with almost every house today. So people spending huge amounts of money on pest-controls to keep their house microbe-free, Kurl-On would be a great help for them.

The main advantages of the mattress are highlighted Below:

Its layers include a thick PU foam that maximizes the sleeping surface and ensures a comfortable sleep.

The high-tensile Bonnel springs used in the mattress has a coating of thermo bond that prevents layers of the mattress from getting ruptured, which makes your mattress long-lasting and durable saving you from the consequence of changing mattress frequently.

If you are a healthy individual, you should select a mattress having such kind of springs. It is because healthy people impose more pressure as compared to light or thin individuals.

It is designed with a Kurlopedic technology,  that allows the mattress to provide perfect alignment of the spine by adjusting to the different shapes of the human body as the body posture differs from individual to individual, the mattress is crafted in such a way to suit all kinds of variations.

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4.Foams India Brands Natural Latex Portable Mattresses

Foams mattress

Latex mattresses are pure eco-friendly mattresses which get decomposed easily reducing the major problem of pollution from mattress waste generated due to un-decomposable materials. This great idea by Foams India, of using latex- a natural substance as a core material in this mattress makes it one of the highly recommended one. It gives excellent back support to the spine, but that is common with every other mattress. Let’s see what makes latex mattresses different from those:

Portable  __   The mattress is made from a light-weighted cotton so that it can be easily rolled and we can store it anywhere. Therefore, it occupies less space and can be carried with comfort when you go out on trips, or just store this away for when you need an extra mattress in your home.

Wash protector  __    It is provided with a washable cover protector made from natural rubber which also ensures that while washing the hands don’t become rough and hard. So, the dead skin particles do not enter the layers of the mattress.

Temperature Flexible __  The wash protector has a high-quality zipper that works well at different temperatures without freezing or jamming during

Motion transfer is an enormous matter of argument between almost all of the couples. The latex mattresses solve this and thus be the classic mattresses for couples.  However, they are firm mattresses that do not show movement transposition. Therefore, it does not disturb you if your partner has a habit of tossing and turning in bed while sleeping. It has just the adequate thickness that’s not too firm nor too soft and adds ultra firm support to the body.

Antimicrobial __ This feature ensures that the mattress remains fresh at all time keeping it away from all kinds of bacteria and germs thereby preventing us from illness and enriching a healthy lifestyle.

Flexible __ This mattress is available in a range of colors and designs to suit the individual tastes of the customers.

Never use memory foam or standard PUF, or any sort of foam mattresses for children as Polyurethane foam (PUF) consists of petroleum. A high amount of chemical supplements are enumerated to it while formulating the layers.

This foam transforms into small poisonous particles after a certain period of time. And, when they are discharged into the atmosphere, they cause breathlessness, coughing, headache, and other respiratory problems… The finest alternative is the latex mattress. These mattresses are of pure natural latex from trees, and hence are, harmless.

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5.Wake-Fit Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Wake-fit mattress

The mattress has a medium firmness. This provides you with a good support and feels comfortable at the same time. The firmness maintains your body posture and prevents any disfiguration of the posture. The comfort ensures that you get a good night’s sleep and makes your day.

The premium quality quilted cotton fabric cover not only protects the top layers but also feels nice to the skin. Its premium quality makes you feel like you are sleeping on the clouds. It prevents any irritation and ensures an undisturbed sleep. The sheet is very airy and keeps your skin healthy.

The high-density foam used in the making of this mattress makes this one of the most demanding mattresses in town. The foam adapts to your body and shapes itself according to your comfortable position which promises a comfortable position every time you go to bed.

While using the mattress you get excellent back and neck support. This is important as you are going to spend at an average of 8 hours on this mattress and lack of support may cause disfiguration of posture. For more comfort do use a soft and adjusting pillow for more support.

This mattress comes with a 20-year warranty which will cover all issues for the time you use this mattress. This eliminates the worry for any tearing or staining as you always have the security and support available to cover all your issues. An average mattress has a life of more than 20 years, so for the 20 years, you are covered.

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6.Dreamzee Orthocare Memory Foam Eurotop Mattress

.Dreamzee mattress

The mattress provides excellent support features which are essential to maintaining body posture. Body posture maintenance is very important as any disfiguration can cause extreme discomfort and in many cases is permanent. To avoid this, you must have proper back support. As a suggestion use a good pillow for good neck support.

The memory foam used in manufacturing is made of a heat-sensitive material that makes itself adaptable for everyone. It reshapes itself to become comfortable for anyone who uses it every day. It not only provides comfort but also takes good care of one’s spine and maintains good posture.

The memory foam is developed by one and only NASA itself which proves that the quality will be of high ranking. The 2-inch Visco memory foam design provides you with a cradle like an experience where you feel cozy and safe. The temperature will adjust according to your comfort as the material is heat-sensitive and adapts continuously.

The top is made of premium quality with machine-made Eurotop which ensures comfort and ensures that you feel cozy and luxurious. The mattress provides additional support at the edges to prevent any sagging at the corners. The machining accuracy is of top quality and ensures no discomfort.

The mattress comes with a 5-year warranty which covers the manufacturing defects and covers the basics issues such as wearing and tearing of fabric and staining. This warranty will cover all the costs and will take all your worries away. You can sleep soundly at night without taking any worry of damage to your mattress.

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7.Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress

Nilkamal Mattress

The Intelligent Sleep Technology Ensures that you receive the highest degree of comfort when you use this mattress. The foam adheres to your body and provides complete support to your body. The mattresses adequate airflow keeps its surface comfortable and also adapts the temperature in accordance with the user’s body temperature.

Evlon is used in the manufacturing of this mattress. Evlon is generally used in the manufacturing of high-end mattresses which is proof that this mattress is of premium quality. You can be assured that this mattress will provide you with uninterrupted sleep and total comfort every time you use the bed.

Foam mattresses have a long life sometimes exceeding over seven to eight years, one of them is Nilkamal 4-inch Single sized foam mattress. The memory foam mattress can give sustentation to side sleepers as well as stomach sleepers.

When you sleep on your sides, you need appropriate positioning of your spine, neck, and back. The mattress should be capable to confine your body in full measure. Sleeping on either of a side drags your body weight in one direction. Hence, you should never go for the firmer mattresses. As far as possible, the soft foam mattress should be preferred as they are the best mattress for side sleepers.

The pregnant women should avert sleeping on firmer mattresses as well as the extremely soft ones. The foam mattress or the memory foam mattresses like this stand out ideal ones for pregnant ladies.

This is a multi-layered mattress which means there is multiple support for your body posture. The layers individually adhere to your natural posture and provide complete support to your whole body. It is recommended to have a soft pillow to provide support to your neck and upper back.

The mattress comes with 2 years of warranty. This ensures that you don’t have to worry about any defects as such. You can have a sound sleep not worrying about any tears or wear to the mattress.

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8.Coirfit Beetle 4-Inch Single Size Coir Mattress

Coir mattress

Coir is used as the primary material for the manufacturing of this mattress. This mattress is the best deal for people who care about this environment. You can sleep soundly knowing that you are saving our environment. You can call this an eco-friendly mattress.

The mattress is made with a combination of PU foam and Active Bond material. This means that the mattress will not only support your body but also will adapt itself according to your posture. This helps in not only maintaining your posture but also during your sleep, your posture improves.

The mattress is incorporated with a springy surface which in turn helps regulate blood flow throughout your body. This smooth blood flow, in turn, improves your sleep quality and you wake up refreshed every morning. Also, this improves your posture and the spring supports your posture well enough to bring comfort to you.

The outer layer is made up of cotton fabric which ensures the good and long-lasting durability of the surface. The cotton fabric also allows good airflow which increases comfort and feels good to the skin.

The mattress also incorporates a bounce back feature which ensures that there is no digging or in simpler words no caving when you use it for a long time. The mattress feels cozy enough but does not cave in no matter how you sleep or how long you sleep. The mattress comes with 1-year warranty. It seems less but the durability of this mattress is good enough to last for a good amount of years.

Features of Coirfit for a quick review-


  • Provides cushioning to the mattress.
  • Adds thickness and softness to the comfort layer.
  • Proffers breathability to the mattress.
  • Adds a little cush for better sleep.
  • Improves the pressure relieving properties.
  • Makes your mattress more sturdy.
  • Imparts a unique design.
  • Improves the quality of sleep.
  • Moisture-regulating properties.

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9.Sleepyhead 6-inch Queen Size Memory Foam Mattress

SleepyHead mattress

Some mattresses are hard. Some are soft. Others are springy. One of them is this memory foam queen sized mattress. The springs indulged while its crafting makes it a bouncy mattress. Hence, the mattress is expected to exhibit motion transfer whenever your partner moves around in bed

To enhance the lifespan of a spring mattress, it’s better to have a mattress topper over the spring mattress. Over a period, the spring can cut through the mattress and expose itself with an increased durability.

Buying it online gives you the facility of 100-day trial and reduces the cost by almost 60% compared to buying at retailer’s shop as you need to go 2-3 times which increases the traveling cost.

On the other hand, it has an equally contradicting advantage too __

This mattress has a superior quality of unique PU (polyurethane). The foam which makes it breathable allowing the passage of fresh air throughout the mattress surface.

Heavy peoples’ body emits more heat compared to other people. Therefore, the mattress should be a breathable one and so this mattress can be the best choice.

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10.Urban Ladder Dreamlite Eurotop Bonnel Spring Mattress

Urban Ladder mattress

Its specialty of Bonnel spring construction makes the mattress lighter and enhances air flow. This mechanism is a great helper in improving back support. The Bonnel springs are made of anti-corrosive, high carbon wires, these springs guarantee a longer mattress life.

The Top layer is of super soft foam for enhanced comfort and reduce tossing and turning during sleep. The spring mattresses are the most uncomfortable in case of the motion isolation factor.

This dreamy mattress comes with attached innerspring technology that provides back support and a longer life for the mattress. The durability doesn’t compromise on comfort either. The special top foam quilting is devised for softness. Yet, The innerspring and the hybrids tend to emit a creaking sound from their steel coils.

In the beginning, all mattresses provide optimum support to the body alignment. But, with time, you will notice that the support decreases, particularly in the mattresses with extreme softness such as latex or memory foam. Compared to them, the spring mattresses and airbed mattresses solicit better support throughout their lifespan.

Even though it is comprised of Bonnel springs,  It will not disturb the next sleeping person when you move; as the Bonnel springs used are of good quality. They are a little firm.

The Edges are made of reinforced spring technology and foam covering to avoid sagging and edge roll-off. This technology ensures that the mattress has additional support at the edges. When a heavy person opts to move or drift over the bed, the sides should not drop and give away.

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