10 Best Dishwashers in India

10 Best Dishwashers in India: Tired of seeing dirty dishes piled up in your kitchen sink? Tired of scrubbing them away to eternity, day-in and day-out? Well, the dishwasher is going to change all of that for you from the moment it is installed. All you have to do is load it, pour the detergent, press a button and Voila..!!    It works like magic…

Not only these dishwashers have the capacity to take care of your daily family requirements, but they can also handle the load even from your parties and get-togethers…

Here are the 10 best worth-seeing dishwashers:

1.Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher(SMS60L 18IN)


Bosch Dishwasher


You will have warm, hygienic and sparkling dishes at the end of each cycle. You will also save on time and you don’t have to worry about breakage of your glass & ceramic-ware because this dishwasher has an allotted space for every kind of kitchen utensil.

There will be no need to depend on your house-help or other house-maids to clean-up after themselves and your hands remain, baby, soft. There is space even for storing large cooking utensils be it a cooker… or a pan.

Are you worried about an enlarged electricity bill? Fear not. This dishwasher only uses 1kWph energy for each wash, keeping your electricity bills too minimum. Not only does this dishwasher save your time & energy, but it also reduces the use of water to wash dishes by warping 90% compared to manual washing.

Manually washing dishes can use up to 100 liters of water, while this dishwasher uses 10-12 liters of water for one washing cycle for all your dishes together.

If your place suffers from a lot of power outages making you think that every time the power goes you’ll have to unload and reload the dishwasher… No, that’s not the case!           This smart device automatically resumes the washing cycle from where it has left it. So, just load it, switch it off and then… forget about it.

But, how will all that oily gravy and masala come off the dish without any scrubbing? Well, this dishwasher operates at a temperature of 45C – 70C taking care of all the dishes regardless of the amount of oil, Greece or masala stuck in them.

It has a variety of settings to choose from… You can start the dishwasher based on the number of utensils you have and the type of cleaning required. If you are not sure what the setting should be for few dishes, for many dishes and for a full load, don’t worry about it, This smart dishwasher has an auto option that is you just have to select auto and then the aqua and the load senses inside the dishwasher will automatically adjust energy, water, and time usage based on the load inside.

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2.Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher(SMS40E32EU)

Bosch Dishwasher

Energy Efficiency Class: A+ Capacity: Efficiency information relates to the Economy 50 program i.e. it consumes 290 kWh per year, and gives 280 standard cleaning cycles. This program helps in conserving water and energy and is ideal for cleaning of soiled tableware

Water consumption Economy program: It has a water requirement of 3300 liters per year, based on 280 standard cleaning cycles Program time.

Coming to the cleaning process… It is a cycle of 210 minutes giving a rated performance for washing the sticky food stains and for drying.

Special options that the product gives you is –

Pre Rinse: The washer has 4 semi-automatic programs with Vario Speed Flexible design elements which give a thorough pre-rinsing to the utensils.

Height adjustable top basket: There are Silver baskets consisting of 2 foldable plate racks. The bottom baskets include 2 foldable cup shelves and the top basket also has a separate Cutlery basket within its lower rack

This appliance has set a great Innovation and technology by introducing Eco Silence BLDC drive in the machine that increases the efficiency and the appliance never turns to work slow, always retains its working speed.

Curved & Alternating spray arms – that ensure easy and smooth distribution of detergents with the help of Dosage Assist detergent dispenser giving you a sense of comfortless and convenience while handling the appliance.

Residual heat drying system – The appliance can heat water up to 65 degrees Celsius thereby maintaining the hygiene and removing all water content from the dishes giving you perfectly dry dishes, ready to keep in the dish stand and you don’t need to wipe them after washing.

Automatic detergent detection Load Sensor – This can be called as the brain of the machine as it does the work of most intelligence by even telling us that how much amount of detergent will be required to wash a particular set of utensils that we want to wash thereby giving the foremost advantage of not allowing detergent wastage.

Active Water hydraulic system – This helps in saving an eminent amount of water. It is designed with Aqua Mix – Glass protection and Leak protection systems that prevent leakage and unnecessary seepage of water through the dishwasher.

Talking about the buttons,                                                                                                                                                                   it has Stainless steel/Polinox interior Control buttons on the front of the fascia. Each button has a different color of indication: Red LED indicators, LED salt refill indicator, LED rinse aid refill indicator.

The dishwasher comes with Self-cleaning filter system comprised of 3 pieces corrugated filter which can work 3, 6 or 9 hours time delay with the help of water inlet indicator fitted in the filter system. It has Dimensions: 84.5 x 60 x 60cm.

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3.IFB Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (Neptune FX)

IFB dishwasher

As the name highlights the feature of 12 Place Settings which is great for small-sized households (1-2 members) that can be bachelors or couples.

The appliance also has a Removable Rack that helps you load tall vessels in the 2nd rack.

It comes with 5 Wash Programs that help to control time taken to wash, the temperature of water, amount of water and energy saved. This dishwasher helps to soften water which in turns helps the detergent to clean more effectively. A tad bit of detergent is all you need to make your Cutlery sparkly clean.

Height Adjustable Upper Basket: This feature helps to adjust the upper basket’s height while loading and unloading of dishes. This helps to accommodate more dishes and save water.

Perfect Space Utilization: The interior is specifically designed to accommodate big utensils such as tall glasses and big pans. The dishwasher’s racks are foldable, and its baskets can be shifted.

Energy Efficient: The dishwasher is designed to keep electricity bills low and also give an uncompromised performance. The dishwasher saves on water bills by using just about 9 L of water a day.

Quick Wash: The Quick Wash program helps washing lightly soiled plates and bowls, in just 40 minutes.

Eco Wash: Washes loads of dirty dishes without wasting water, detergent, or electricity.

Flexible Half Load: This feature gives you the ability to wash few utensils and also save water and energy at the same time.

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4.IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic DishwasherIFB dishwasher


IFB presents the all-new series of dishwashers which will make your life easier guaranteeing clean & hygienic wash of your utensils. Friends, this dishwasher will ensure no breakage of your expensive crockery and will give you an unmatched piece of mind.

It’s time to celebrate freedom from one of the most boring chaos and that too at the touch of a single button!

So let’s check out some of its features –

This dishwasher comes with an Inbuilt Water Heater that washes and sanitizes your utensils simultaneously at high temperatures. This is followed by Steam Drying that removes the toughest Greece stains from your dishes.

Coming to the space of this machine, it has a 12 Place Setting that can wash up to 96 utensils including cutlery. Wow… That surely packs a lot!!

The dishwasher has 2 separate baskets, an upper one, and a lower basket. The upper basket is adjustable as per your convenience. Now, no more haggling with the larger utensils as the feature allows you to adjust the height of the basket while loading & unloading to accommodate larger utensils in the same wash.

There is a separate space for your everyday necessary kitchen utensils which includes your ceramic plates, kadhai, baby bottle, cutlery, steel utensil, cups, and saucers.

Another interesting feature is the eco-wash which helps in saving water and energy.

So, here goes our final word…                                                                                                                                                       With this zero breakage spotless clean IFB dishwasher, you can manage your time better. With less time is the kitchen, you are free to do more of what you love. This sleek modular appliance is definitely a smart addition to your home and living.

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5.Siemens SN26L800IN Freestanding Dishwasher

Siemens dishwasher

Siemens has a good reputation for manufacturing excellent dishwashers which deliver good performance. The dishwashers by Siemens are quite popular in India and they are found in many households.

The dishwasher comes with 12 place settings, in which we can customize the cleaning action according to every type of utensils. This is very important as different utensils have a different tolerance for cleaning action. Some are very tough and have tough stains too, so they can be washed aggressively while some are very delicate such as glass plates and porcelain utensils.

These types of utensils need sensitive and delicate washing. Also, there are many shapes and sizes; this creates a need for different cleaning methods.

There are 6 wash programs built into the machine which gives the user the freedom to choose the program best suited to the utensil and cooking vessels. For cooking vessels, aggressive cleaning is needed as they have much more stubborn stains and grease. While for dining utensils, they need delicate cleaning as they are generally made up of glass or porcelain.

The rack design ensures that during washing, none of your vessels get damaged or even fall. The rack also makes it very easy to access the utensils and eliminates the need to remove the whole rack to take out only one utensil, thus saving time.

This machine is very economical as it not only saves water but also electricity, which makes it an ideal dishwasher for a country like India where quite often there is a shortage of water.

The machine has settings for temperature which helps when we put plastic utensils in the machine. As plastic can be easily damaged by hot water and steam, we can save those utensils by controlling the temperature.

The machine comes with 2 years of warranty which covers the manufacturing defects and the occasional wear and tear.

The machine comes with a load sensor which tells us when too much load is being put on the machine which in turn helps to lengthen the life of the machine.

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6.LG D1451WF Dishwasher

LG dishwasher

LG has been the prime choice for home appliances in India. It has a reputation for delivering amazing products of top quality. This is also true for the dishwasher designed by LG. LG only manufactures one model of the dishwasher but, it has not spared any expense to make this dishwasher as perfect as they can.

The machine comes with a smart rack system which is one of the best adjustable systems in the dishwasher industry. This enables the user to put different sizes of vessels without worrying about overloading the machine.

The machine is installed with a special inverter direct drive. This makes the electricity usage very less and saves money o your electricity bills. LG gives high priority to energy saving and this is an assurance that the machine will be very economical. LG also aims for high efficiency.

The LED display makes the controls very easy and it can be operated by anyone. The stainless-steel tub makes the machine very durable as it can take the pressure of the cleaning action and protect delicate utensils.

The machine has child locks inbuilt into the system which helps prevent children from accidentally opening the door and hurting themselves. The aqua stops feature help in saving water by cutting off the water supply when the preset limit has been crossed.

The various filters fit in the system help to filter the water that’s been used to clean the utensils in order to ensure that the cleaning action is of top quality.

The wash programs help the user choose the appropriate type of washing based on the nature of utensils. Gentle wash is ideal for delicate utensils such as cutlery and glass utensils, while a quick wash is ideal for metal utensils.

The machine has 14 place setting which helps to choose the type of washing you need based on the utensils you have put in the rack of the machine.

The machine comes with 2 years of warranty which covers the manufacturing defects and gives you peace of mind that the machine will not take a toll on your wallet.

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7.Bosch Free-Standing 12 Place Setting Dishwasher (Sms60l02in)

Bosch dishwasher

Preactivated Variospeed– This feature speeds up the wash cycle time and gives better cleaning action without compromising any quality. The integrity of the product is maintained, and the quick cleaning action saves you a lot of time.

With Express Sparkle feature, your cutlery and crockery get squeaky clean within an hour. This feature is important when you have a party coming up and you want to get all the dishes and cutlery cleaned right away. This saves manual labor and time as well.

Intensive Kadhai 70– This feature is most need if you cook a lot in pots and pans. This feature helps in cleaning and removing stubborn stains and heavy soiling. This reduces your manual labor and saves a lot of time. Also, the drying cycle helps to keep these vessels ready for use as soon as possible, this helps to manage your time. Also, the durability of the vessels stays intact, hence saving you money.

Extra Dry Option– This feature furthers enhances the drying action of the dishwasher which in turn helps to prolong the life of your vessels and utensils. This comes in need for utensils and containers made of plastic as they can get smelly if kept wet for a long time.

EcoSilence Drive– The brushless motor generates very less voice and doesn’t compromise with the performance. The motor delivers powerful performance and efficient usage of power.

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8.IFB Free-Standing 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

IFB dishwasher

IFB is one of the oldest manufacturers of home appliances and they have gathered quite a good reputation of it hence, today when we opt for IFB, we don’t need to worry about quality. The dishwasher manufactured by IFB has been designed specifically for Indian households and caters to the need of an average household.

Generally, in dishwashers, we have 5 wash cycles for different types and sizes of utensils. But, in this machine, we have more 4 programs to increase the options for the user to choose from. These additional programs create more aggressive cleaning action in order to clean greasy stains and crockery items.

The rack has been designed to be more adjustable. This adjustable design helps to put different types and sizes of utensils in the rack. We can fit large vessels which cannot be fit in an average dishwasher.

The LED display helps the user to know the state of the machine and the user can get to know about the current status. The levels of soap, salt dispensing and rinse aids are displayed on the LED display. This creates a more user-friendly experience,

The flexible half load option helps in saving water and electricity. This option makes the machine very economical and makes it ideal to be used in an average Indian household. This is very good for Indians as many times there is a shortage of water.

The three-tiered system ensures that the hygiene is maintained and eliminates 99.9% germs and bacteria from the utensils. This is very important as health is very important and IFB gives it the topmost priority.

The steam drying facility helps t dry the vessels without leaving any water stain marks on them. This helps especially when glass dishes are being washed, as they stay pretty and stain free.

The machine comes with 2 years of comprehensive warranty which will lover the manufacturing defects and the timely wear and tear of the components.

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9.Bosch Built In Dishwasher

Bosch dishwasher

This dishwasher is designed especially for people who live into their own home. This machine is designed to be permanently fitted in the kitchen. The design helps to seamlessly fit into any kitchen and function properly.

The machine comes with an auto program feature which enables the user to not take any manual effort and leave all up to the machine. The program decides the manner of cleaning action and cleans the utensils.

The commencement of the cleaning can be delayed with the inbuilt commencement timer. This comes in use when we want the machine to start at a specific time. For example, we may set it to start at a time when water supply will resume. This comes in use here in India where water supply is not constant.

The eco Silence Drive ensures that the machine runs with minimum noise while also taking take of the efficiency. This makes the machine quite economical. Also, the half load feature gives the user the ability to run the machine with half load and makes it not compulsory for the machine to be put under full load in order to clean properly.

The machine heats up the water till 70 degree Celsius. This helps in killing the germs and improves the cleaning action of the water. This ensures that the dishes stay germ-free. This also eliminates the need to pre-rinse the utensils before you put them in the washer and also before you use them.

The child lock feature prevents any accidents with children and also ensures that the door stays locked as long as the cleaning action is going on.

The machine comes with 10 years of warranty which gives you peace of mind.

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10.Elica WQP12-7605V WH DishwasherElica dishwasher

Elica is a name came from Italy which means household. It is one of the top companies of Italy which manufactures an array of kitchen hoods ranging from microwave ovens to dishwashers, fryers, and barbeques. It has also become very popular in India after its partnership with Whirlpool.

Now, let’s glance through its features –

The dishwasher is designed as per Indian requirements. As, Indian cuisine includes a lot of variety in liquid dishes, for example, different vegetables made in gravy which causes stains on the plate. You need a heavy dishwasher to tackle these stains and furnish you the clean and sparkling dishes.

The FREE STANDING DISHWASHER WQP12-7605V WH enables you to save considerable installation costs! Built to last we believe this dishwasher with 12 Place Setting capacity is the exact requirement for the Indian families, who have a collection of variety-sized vessels.

It is built with Class A++ Energy Efficiency Soak mechanism to rinse dishes that you plan to wash later or after that day. For heaviest soiled crockery and normally soiled pots pans dishes etc with dry on soiling Rapid 1 Hour Cycle.

For lightly soiled loads that do not need excellent drying efficiency the dishwasher has a Pocket handle ECO which is a standard program, it is suitable to clean normally soiled tableware and it is the most efficient program in terms of its combined energy ensures less water consumption for that type of tableware.

It also has a Quick shorter wash for lightly soiled loads that do not need drying. The soft touch key feature makes the controls easy.

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